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Defcon 19

There is some possibility that people might end up here because of scanning my QR code, or talking with me at Defcon 19, in Las Vegas. That means you may be looking for various incarnations/versions/etc. of me, or stuff I do.  So, here’s some: Facebook: Google+: My handmade pens:

Stuck in my head, song of the day…

I didn’t actually wake up with this song in my head, it sorta crept in there as the morning sluggishly progressed. I’ve been sleeping unusually poorly this week.  I think it’s largely a result of having minor cold-like symptoms, just making it tough to breathe as I’m asleep.  This has caused multiple occasions of my […]

Yaaay! I completed NoBloPoMo!

That’s right, after firing this whole shindig back up for National Blog Posting Month, I apparently needed a No Blog Posting Month.  Now, with that out of my system, well, who knows where it’ll go from here. As I mentioned initially, I do understand that there is value in exposition and sharing, regardless of whether […]

The home stretch!

Well, sorta, anyway.  Strictly speaking, I’m pretty sure that I’ve missed enough days that the blogmistress could easily deny me baked goods.  However, I’m assured that I deserve them for other kindnesses I show her, like Taxi’ing her around for the drinkin’.  Also, somewhere along the month’s passing, I established that I could provide my […]


Another sepia still from my life, captured by a strobe, the ones that make it difficult to navigate when you’re just slightly too inebriated. Faces that you want to interpret as friendly, but you just can’t be sure.  The girl who told you, indeed, if you hadn’t been too timid, she might be with you […]

How long?

Over at her blog of Infinite Wisdom, blogmistress Jane spoke about a commitment to a goal of self-improvement for 100 days. I’ve been thinking about this, and, I like the idea quite a bit.  Now I need to narrow it down to a specific one (or more, I suppose.)  Here are some of the possiblities: […]


Once again, my mind is a blank.  Well, mostly.  Again, there are things I’d like to talk about, but they require forethought, and some preparation, and probably pictures. Specifically:  Updates on projects at home, including some of the funny categories things are going into, mood lighting projects, and some of the other stuff I talked […]


I’m not good at this stuff.  I mean, REALLY not good.  That’s kind of the whole point of the blog experiment, to get better. Regardless, I find it difficult, almost always, to talk about my feelings, the things that make me happy or sad. So, I’m going to do as much as I can. Thanks […]

A cold clear night.

It feels like a wretchedly wasted day.  I had so many goals, minor ambitions for it.  I took the first three days off from work to have the whole week, plus the added weekends to work on decluttering multiple spaces in my home.  Although I’ve made some progress, I’m not nearly where I want to […]

What a strange week.

This week has been one of those seriously startling mixes of ups and downs. It’s been unusually fun, from a social standpoint.  Especially nice is the number of people that I’ve gotten to see that I don’t see as often as I’d like.  Also fun has been the number of new experiences for me, including […]