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Another sepia still from my life, captured by a strobe, the ones that make it difficult to navigate when you’re just slightly too inebriated. Faces that you want to interpret as friendly, but you just can’t be sure.  The girl who told you, indeed, if you hadn’t been too timid, she might be with you […]

A cold clear night.

It feels like a wretchedly wasted day.  I had so many goals, minor ambitions for it.  I took the first three days off from work to have the whole week, plus the added weekends to work on decluttering multiple spaces in my home.  Although I’ve made some progress, I’m not nearly where I want to […]

Why a Blog?

My roommate recently asked me “Why blog, over something like Facebook?” and I’ve been pondering that question a bit.  Here are some bullet points that I’ve come up with: I like controlling the look and feel, completely, and like having my own domain name out there on the web. I had the domain name already, […]

More thoughts on time

Those of you paying close attention will recall a minor comment I made yesterday about time, and how I largely consider it my enemy.  Upon more thought, I don’t quite believe that to be true.  Many things seem to improve with time, and, of course, many things require it for success.  Some things that spring […]

Some thoughts, on possibilities….

Hrmm.  Could I have a more ambiguous post title?  Ah, well.  So, after yesterday’s post, I’ve been giving some thoughts as to things I do in my daily life that I might be pretty able to post pretty regularly about: Pen & paper review, and thoughts on hacking blog (although, that’d be a different URL, […]

Foul mood.

As the title indicates, I somehow ended up in an unusually piss-poor mood today.  I suspect this is largely from a combination of waking up strangely, with a bit of a headache, and then experiencing an unusual Tsunami of Idiocy as my day progressed. Thus, I claim this steaming pony loaf as my post for […]

Post-Defcon 17 Wrap-Up

A written collection of thoughts on my experience at Defcon this year can be found here.  Just as a note, it is handwritten, for reasons that I think I explain pretty well therein. Here, though, are some significant links from the writing, pulled out to make it easier for you: SecurityBSides Las Vegas Defcon Neighborcon […]