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Foul mood.

As the title indicates, I somehow ended up in an unusually piss-poor mood today.  I suspect this is largely from a combination of waking up strangely, with a bit of a headache, and then experiencing an unusual Tsunami of Idiocy as my day progressed. Thus, I claim this steaming pony loaf as my post for […]

Welcome Bookfacer’s!

Okay, after some efforts, I believe I have some pretty good Facebook integration. If I’m going to make any real effort to post here, and hope for comments, it seems like the thing to do. Thus, if you wish to leave a comment, it will now offer a “Connect with Facebook” button, which will let […]

Post-Defcon 17 Wrap-Up

A written collection of thoughts on my experience at Defcon this year can be found here.  Just as a note, it is handwritten, for reasons that I think I explain pretty well therein. Here, though, are some significant links from the writing, pulled out to make it easier for you: SecurityBSides Las Vegas Defcon Neighborcon […]