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Stuck in my head, song of the day…

I didn’t actually wake up with this song in my head, it sorta crept in there as the morning sluggishly progressed. I’ve been sleeping unusually poorly this week.  I think it’s largely a result of having minor cold-like symptoms, just making it tough to breathe as I’m asleep.  This has caused multiple occasions of my […]

Stuck in my head song….

Although I heard many songs last night, this one stuck in my head, repeating this morning.  It’s “Let Go”, by a local band, Fiction8. There’s probably some kind of subconscious message here, but it’s too early to dig too deep.  Let’s just enjoy it:

Song of the Day Stuck in Head, all that…

Thanks to Glee, Facebook, and all my silly friends, especially the blogmistress, and Diva, I had Cee Lo Green’s “Fuck You!” stuck in my head for a bit today.  Thanks, though, to my tangential/associative research tendencies, I found a new one to get stuck there, instead.  It’s “Night Train”, also by Cee Lo Green.  Check […]

Stuck In My Head Song of the Day

Once again, a topic stolen from my blog-mistress Jane! When I first saw her write about waking up with a song stuck in her head, I couldn’t relate, because I couldn’t recall it ever happening to me.  Strangely, however, now it has. Here’s the song: I can’t tell you where it came from, or why, […]