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Defcon 19

There is some possibility that people might end up here because of scanning my QR code, or talking with me at Defcon 19, in Las Vegas. That means you may be looking for various incarnations/versions/etc. of me, or stuff I do.  So, here’s some: Facebook: Google+: My handmade pens:

15 Authors and a Sandwich

That’s right, I’m going META!  Bringing a bookface meme-thingie offsite to my own space!  Muahahah!  Umm.  Anyway: ————->8————- 2010 The Invitation Guidelines: Don’t take too long to think about it. Fifteen authors (poets included) who’ve influenced you and that will always stick with you, plus one sandwich. List the first fifteen you can recall in […]

Piling it on.

I truly don’t have any words.  Sometimes it really does just seem like it all gets piled on, and you wonder if you’ll ever be able to dig yourself out again.  Then, you start to wonder if you really want to. It’s kinda like that. Although, I want to point out that this is NOT […]

Oh, no! The fog that turns your whole body inside out!

Oh, wait, it’s just the fog that makes stuff hard far away hard to see…. Regardless, a bit of a scary fog. That’s how my evening ended, headed home from another night frittered away at the club. It started, though, with a fantastic Beaujolais Nouveau party thrown by blogmistress Jane, and her friends Jeff and […]

Hey! More than halfway!

It struck me just now that it’s November 17th, which is, in fact, past the halfway point of this whole “NaNoBloPo” thing.  This comes as a genuine surprise to me, for a couple of reasons. First, of course, is that whole “time” thing.  I’m finding myself a good bit less disoriented, this year, by the […]

Just an amusing winter coat thought….

As it cools off, I’ve been pulling out coats that haven’t been touched for a year. People who know me will not be surprised at all to realize that, so far, every single one of them has had a blank mini-notebook in one of the pockets. My flight jacket, in fact, has waterproof “Rite in […]

Re-reading a favorite.

I am currently in the middle of re-reading one of my favorite books, or, strictly speaking, series of books, The Great Book of Amber, by Roger Zelazny.  It represents, to me, some of the best in existence in the genres of science fiction, or fantasy, depending on how you look at it. I use that […]

An interesting project I just now found.

A lot of the people around me today seemed just a bit more unhappy, or moody, or easily irritated than usual today.  This got me wondering as to whether or not someone had started aggregating mood data from what currently seems to be the simplest stream of gestalt information that we currently have, twitter.  It […]

Finding a voice, finding a stride.

Let’s be honest.  I’m really not a sharer.  This whole experiment is kind of about seeing if, on some level, I can change that. A thought occurred to me this morning about various forms of artists, like writers, musicians, and the like.  I frequently get a sense that people who are successful in that kind […]

New Look, etc.

Thanks to my friend Jane, and her post here, I am considering NaBloPoMo.  Thus, a new look, playing with the upgraded WordPress, etc. Obviously, I haven’t posted here in some time.  I have, however, been considering the value of exposition, largely thanks, again, to Jane.  Go read her stuff, it’s great fun, and well-written. With […]