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Some thoughts, on possibilities….

Hrmm.  Could I have a more ambiguous post title?  Ah, well.  So, after yesterday’s post, I’ve been giving some thoughts as to things I do in my daily life that I might be pretty able to post pretty regularly about: Pen & paper review, and thoughts on hacking blog (although, that’d be a different URL, […]

Finding a voice, finding a stride.

Let’s be honest.  I’m really not a sharer.  This whole experiment is kind of about seeing if, on some level, I can change that. A thought occurred to me this morning about various forms of artists, like writers, musicians, and the like.  I frequently get a sense that people who are successful in that kind […]

Foul mood.

As the title indicates, I somehow ended up in an unusually piss-poor mood today.  I suspect this is largely from a combination of waking up strangely, with a bit of a headache, and then experiencing an unusual Tsunami of Idiocy as my day progressed. Thus, I claim this steaming pony loaf as my post for […]

Some other blogs I read often.

I suspect that a collection of a few of the things I read regularly might be pretty revealing, and give insight to my interests, so, here goes.  This, of course, is hardly a comprehensive list, just a little bit of a teaser to give you some sense of things. Pens and Paper Inkophile ( Moleskinerie […]