My roommate recently asked me “Why blog, over something like Facebook?” and I’ve been pondering that question a bit.  Here are some bullet points that I’ve come up with:

  • I like controlling the look and feel, completely, and like having my own domain name out there on the web.
  • I had the domain name already, years ago, and decided to put something simple and easy there.  Thus, this blog.
  • I like having basically unlimited characters available for my use, as opposed to the limitations of twitter and Facebook.
  • I like the “my house” vs. “big crowded coffeehouse” feeling.  A little bit more intimate, I guess.  Even though I post a link to every blog post on my Facebook page, not everyone clicks through to here….
  • I own, 100%, all the words and images I use here.  I can make them go away whenever I want, for example.

Obviously a bigger question is “Why try this ‘blog post every day’ thing?”  Well, the short answer, of course, is Jane promised me baked goods.

The longer answer is a LOT longer, and one I’m still pondering heavily.  As I mentioned when I revived this blogspace, and committed to a blog post every day (which I’ve already failed at, by the way, but only by one day so far…), I’m a pretty private guy, but have been considering the value of storytelling, and personal exposition.  It’s not one I have an answer to, yet, by any means.  Barely even a glimmer of one.

I can say, though, that I am enjoying it, and interacting with all of you who make it this far!  I’ll report more as it occurs to me.  Well, probably, unless it’s too private.

I’d love to hear other thoughts, in the comments, about why people have their own blog, why Facebook and Twitter aren’t enough.