Heh, so, I haven’t got a whole lot today.  I did, however, have a song stuck in my head for much of the day.  It makes me genuinely laugh out loud every time I hear it.  I believe it’s Betty’s “Oh, bless the rains!” sorta toward the end.  Regardless, here it is:

It’s from Community, a reasonably new sitcom on NBC.  I’m getting pickier and picker about my sit-coms, frankly, but this show approaches genius far more frequently than I would have ever expected it to, when I started watching.  It’s one of those rare situations where you have exactly the right cast performing exactly the right writing.

If you haven’t caught any, and like to laugh, I highly recommend it.

The rap up above is especially funny since it’s a call-back to the “end-credits” rap from the first (well, non-pilot) episode.  Here it is, as well, for your enjoyment: