So, it was one of those days where my brain was all over the place.  In lieu of an ACTUAL post, I feel like collecting some of the random thoughts and topics that crossed my mind today, as possible starting points for other posts, as well as for some glimpse of the somersaults I sometimes have to endure from the quivering mass of greyish goo that I’m told is between my ears.

  • Facebook, and whether it’s actually a medium for connecting, and re-connecting, or if it’s just ruined by the signal-to-noise ratio.  Prompted by blogmistress Jane, and a story from her radio station: “Was it Something I Said?
  • It Gets Better(?)
  • How many blank notebooks do I really have, and where am I keeping them all?
  • The strange ways in which I can light, or at least add mood lighting to, my home.
  • “Don’t touch my junk,” and all the other associated junk with the backscatter scans at airports, and especially the fact that body scans are, in fact, being kept somewhere, and can be leaked.
  • Will e-book readers replace paperbacks?  It seems very likely that they will for me, at least.
  • Is privacy truly just a myth, now, especially with the amount of crap that we, ourselves, are willing to spew on Facebook, Twitter, and our blogs?
  • Refudiate?  Word of the year?  Really? Word of the YEAR?

I’d say that’s about it, for now.  Please don’t take this as any kind of promise that any of these topics will actually be blogged about.  It’s possible that this post is simply just where topics go to die.

However, undeniably, if there’s a topic up there that you’re really interested in hearing my version of the truth about, let me know in the comments, and I’ll do my best.