It struck me just now that it’s November 17th, which is, in fact, past the halfway point of this whole “NaNoBloPo” thing.  This comes as a genuine surprise to me, for a couple of reasons.

First, of course, is that whole “time” thing.  I’m finding myself a good bit less disoriented, this year, by the time change.  I wonder exactly why that is.  It could be as simple as publishing a really good, solid rant on the thing, I suppose.  It could also be related to all the mentation that was involved in writing that post, and getting it all down in print.  Regardless, I’m surprised that it’s already November 17th, and I don’t feel all that bad about it, in general.

Second would be the whole “post per day” pursuit, and how it’s proving to be at least somewhat less painful than I would have expected.  I’ve had a blog of some sort here for years, and updated it only spottily, at best, and completely horribly at worst.  Having made a specific commitment to sharing here, almost purely for the purpose of sharing, seems to have made things a lot easier, though.

This is something I hope to continue pretty reliably, after the committed period is over.  Finding a new voice here, and an interesting and interested audience is proving refreshing in many ways, and all those things are something I want to continue to develop.

So, thanks for showing up, I’ll try to continue to make it worth your while.