Oh, wait, it’s just the fog that makes stuff hard far away hard to see…. Regardless, a bit of a scary fog. That’s how my evening ended, headed home from another night frittered away at the club.

It started, though, with a fantastic Beaujolais Nouveau party thrown by blogmistress Jane, and her friends Jeff and Brad.  It was my first party for this entertaining tradition, and I’ve gotta say it was a lot of fun.  Also, it was just a crazy gustatory bonanza.  You can see the menu here.

The amount of work that went into everything was startlingly evident, and truly amazing.  I just want to say a big public “thanks” to Jane, Brad, and Jeff, and all the guests that made for a really good time.

As you might have guessed, though, I left comparatively early, even before the player piano had been fired up for our entertainment, for my usual crowd at the club.  While somewhat entertaining, and comfortable in getting to see a usual crowd, I probably should have stuck around the party, instead.

Sometimes, I just need to learn to quit while I’m ahead.

(PS, I’m claimin’ this one for Friday, since that’s when I started writing it, and that’s when the party was….  I’m gonna get me dem baked goods!)