This week has been one of those seriously startling mixes of ups and downs.

It’s been unusually fun, from a social standpoint.  Especially nice is the number of people that I’ve gotten to see that I don’t see as often as I’d like.  Also fun has been the number of new experiences for me, including last night’s crazy wine-fueled dinner party.

On the flip side, though, it seems like there’s been an unusual amount of injury and loss, as well.

Some friends of mine were in a really terrible car accident.  I am not going to go into incredible detail, because I don’t think it applies extensively here, and lots of detail can be found here: I haven’t really spoken anywhere about it for a couple of reasons. The main one is that I’m unnaturally aware that there is no way I can comprehend any portion of what they’re going through, nor do I have a great understanding of how to help.  So, I’m doing my best to think good thoughts for them, and hope that everyone pulls through as best they can.

Another good friend recently lost a life-long canine companion.  I’m doing the best I can to keep his spirits up.

One of the friends I get to see less often, undeniably mostly my fault since I’m awful about calling people to get together, had to rush home quickly to be with her daughter when a friend committed suicide.

It seems likely that another good friend of mine’s marriage is coming to an end.

I’m not sure what I’m really getting at, here.  It’s not as coherent and solid as I typically like to be when writing.  It’s certainly been a week to remind one of just how much variety there can be in a life lived even moderately fully.

One good piece of advice I saw recently boils down to this:  Spending time with the people you love is important, as is letting them know you love them.  It may be, in fact, all of what life is really about.

I wish I were better at it.