Well, sorta, anyway.  Strictly speaking, I’m pretty sure that I’ve missed enough days that the blogmistress could easily deny me baked goods.  However, I’m assured that I deserve them for other kindnesses I show her, like Taxi’ing her around for the drinkin’.  Also, somewhere along the month’s passing, I established that I could provide my own baked goods fairly handily, thank you very much!

Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that I’m pleased with the results of this little experiment.  I’ve definitely discovered a different mode, here in my own space.  It’s one that just isn’t available in a forum like bookface, and certainly not under the somewhat sketchy terms there, either.  Thus, I plan to continue on, going forward, much more actively with this little shindig.  It’s even possible that I will spawn new blogs, dedicated to specific purposes.  One of the more likely, of course, would be pen- and paper-related.  Because, of course, the world needs another one of those.

So, thanks to everyone who showed up, and kept encouraging me.  Look for a nice giant “end-of-the-month” post tomorrow!