That’s right, after firing this whole shindig back up for National Blog Posting Month, I apparently needed a No Blog Posting Month.  Now, with that out of my system, well, who knows where it’ll go from here.

As I mentioned initially, I do understand that there is value in exposition and sharing, regardless of whether or not I fully understand it.  I do intend to continue to explore that, I hope at some sane balance between November and December this year.

Realistically, I don’t think I’m well-equipped for one of the long introspective discussions of my year, thanking a score of people like an Oscar speech.  I will say, however, that 2010 was a year full of things good, bad, sometimes astonishing.  Some of you reading this contributed to both the “good” and “astonishing”, so, thanks for that.  I doubt very highly that anyone who generated “bad” in my world will ever read this, so, thanks for that, too.

So, with that, I believe I’m just going to say “Happy New Year!”, and “Welcome to 2011”.  Let’s hope it’s a good one.