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Finding a voice, finding a stride.

Let’s be honest.  I’m really not a sharer.  This whole experiment is kind of about seeing if, on some level, I can change that.

A thought occurred to me this morning about various forms of artists, like writers, musicians, and the like.  I frequently get a sense that people who are successful in that kind of arena are somewhat driven by something within themselves.  To wit, a specific thing to express, through words, or music, or what have you.

I haven’t found that, necessarily.  I’d go so far as to say that I may have lost some degree of it with my penmaking.  I haven’t had an urge toward that end in a couple of years.

But.  But.  Well, but, I want to find something like that.  I’d like to re-find whatever drove the pencrafting.  I want to learn to play guitar, strangely enough.  Also, I want to find something that drives words out of me in some kind of raging torrent.

Don’t hold your breath, though.

Foul mood.

As the title indicates, I somehow ended up in an unusually piss-poor mood today.  I suspect this is largely from a combination of waking up strangely, with a bit of a headache, and then experiencing an unusual Tsunami of Idiocy as my day progressed.

Thus, I claim this steaming pony loaf as my post for the day.

That is all.

New Look, etc.

Thanks to my friend Jane, and her post here, I am considering NaBloPoMo.  Thus, a new look, playing with the upgraded WordPress, etc.

Obviously, I haven’t posted here in some time.  I have, however, been considering the value of exposition, largely thanks, again, to Jane.  Go read her stuff, it’s great fun, and well-written.

With that in mind, I hereby promise to try for one post a day in November.  I can’t promise they’ll all be quality, or even interesting, but I’m prepared to try.  Chances are good that I’ll start off with some more on why I’ve been considering the value of exposition, and exposure, and something almost undoubtedly to do with an examined life.

So, watch this space, I guess.  We’ll see what happens.

Post-Defcon 17 Wrap-Up

A written collection of thoughts on my experience at Defcon this year can be found here.  Just as a note, it is handwritten, for reasons that I think I explain pretty well therein.

Here, though, are some significant links from the writing, pulled out to make it easier for you:

For the truly curious, the write-up was written with a Lamy Vista Fountain Pen with a medium nib, and Noodler’s Polar Brown eternal ink.

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