Just an amusing winter coat thought….

As it cools off, I’ve been pulling out coats that haven’t been touched for a year. People who know me will not be surprised at all to realize that, so far, every single one of them has had a blank mini-notebook in one of the pockets. My flight jacket, in fact, has waterproof “Rite in … Read more

Why a Blog?

My roommate recently asked me “Why blog, over something like Facebook?” and I’ve been pondering that question a bit. Here are some bullet points that I’ve come up with: I like controlling the look and feel, completely, and like having my own domain name out there on the web. I had the domain name already, … Read more

More projects/hobbies….

Another hobby I’ve taken up is turning random (well, not entirely, but I digress) objects into disco balls. I’m a bit tired and ill tonight, but, here’s a little teaser about one I’ve made so far: Disco Skull! I’ll tell more about this in the future, including some of what caused it to happen, and … Read more